Pineapple Upside Down Rum Cake

has added a little twist to the famous Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  That twist is Rum and Cherries soaked in Cream Sherry.  This long titled cake *PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN RUM CAKE* is made from the pineapple residuals of CB3 Rum Punch. The pineapple is added to the Rum Punch and soaked overnight to add flavor.   After straining, the pineapple residuals are then blended into a cake mix with a lemon base and topped with cherries that have been soaked in Cream Sherry.  Yes, this cake is simply delicious.  You can also purchase a small version of this cake without the soaked Cream Sherry Cherries.





also features Lemon and Carrot Cupcakes...It's safe to say that everyone loves cupcakes.  They're small, easy to hold and they can take on just about every flavor variation there is. Years ago cupcakes were safe at birthday and potluck parties, but lately, cupcakes has exploded as a worldwide there are no shortage of tasty cupcakes to try.  We here at CB3 are welcoming you to try our Lemon Cupcakes or Carrot Cupcakes, we guarantee you would add it to your favorite cupcakes list.

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