SORREL is a pleasurable Christmas tradition drink enjoyed by many all over the Caribbean. It is such an enjoyable beverage that many crave seconds and even thirds. When Ginger (a root) is added, SORREL drink has a delicious and refreshing appeal. The sour taste of SORREL is due to the acid oxalate of potash it contains; tartaric and tannic acids are also present. SORREL enhances human health. The neutraceuticals in the sorrel plant have been associated with the prevention and or treatment of at least three diseases…high blood pressure, heart disease and hypertension. Every part of the SORREL plant can be used to make jelly, jam, stew, soups or boil and place the warm leaves on areas of the body that aches. Most interesting plant that makes an awesome drink.


Large Bottle of SORREL
Our Price: $15. 00


Small Bottle of SORREL
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SORREL is an interesting plant which comes in full bloom around the Christmas Holidays




has placed red ribbons around the bottle neck of their SORREL product representing the Health Factor of this refreshing beverage




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